Protect your artwork on Facebook

protectyourwork_blogpost Anyone who is a regular user of Facebook knows that it is constantly undergoing change. And anyone who is a regular user of Facebook usually skips over those stupid “chain message” status updates that strike up hype over a change in Facebook’s Privacy Policy. Well recently, there have been changes to their Terms of Service that affects those who pursue an audience as a creative. What I mean is, everyone knows someone (or at least knows someone who knows someone) that posts their portfolio of artwork on Facebook to share their creativity.


Anywho, I was perusing my news feed when I saw this¬†post¬†shared by my cousin Ian. It tipped me off to and summarizes said changes, and I thought I’d share an alternative for those who are like me – trying to build an audience/clientele for your work via social media, and aren’t quite cutthroat enough to up and leave Facebook entirely.

My basic response is to not post any of your creative work directly to your page(s) or their albums. I recommend posting links to your work from your web portfolio instead. This not only whets the appetites of your viewers by providing a “mere preview,” but also drives traffic to your actual website – isn’t that what social media is supposed to be used for anyways?

By all means, Facebook should be one of your platforms – maybe even a primary platform – for communicating with and building a community, but you need an actual “home base.” If you’re a serious contender looking to break into the creative industry but don’t have a place on the Interwebs to call your own, perhaps it’s time. If you’re just not sure or ready to take that leap, to have a website all to yourself, there’s always the option of getting a domain name and sharing your photos from somewhere like Flickr.


What other alternatives can you think of?



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